We Love What We Do!
Our mission is to make your journeys as enjoyable as your destinations.  The truth is, the travel and tour industry is just plain fun.  Everyday, we as transportation professionals meet new and exciting people and are able to bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment into the lives of countless people. 

We Love Who We Do It With!
Bus tours and trips attract some of the finest professionals anywhere.  Our capable staff of drivers, reservationists/travel planners and support staff know how to have a good time as they facilitate some of the finest recreational and travel opportunities in Pretoria and beyond.  We have a quality team that is enjoyable to be around and they offer excellence in customer service.

We Love Who We Do it For!
Whether you charter a bus to Pretoria, Johanesburg, Durban,Capetown,Bloemfontein or any other great destination we promise to provide you with unparalleled transportation service.  When you ride with us as an individual on a tour or regularly scheduled run or if you charter a bus you will meet some of the most professional, friendliest, helpful drivers in the transportation industry.  As our client you motivate our team to excel and provide you the very best in bus services and bus tours!